Maximum security

The strong point of the Truck Etape Béziers lies in our 350-space secure, staffed HGV park. Dedicated to HGVs and extremely competitive, it welcomes TDG (Transport of Dangerous Goods) vehicles and refrigerated lorries.

In addition to high-end video monitoring, you have the reassuring presence of an attendant 24/7. Access is controlled by means of photos and recording the number plates of each lorry. The entire HGV park as well as the immediately surrounding area are covered by numerous, high-performance HD cameras, which are connected to the security control centre.

Our certifications

Our certifications ESPORG (European Secure Parking Organisation) certification and was awarded the maximum level of 5 stars for the services on offer and 3 padlocks for security. This accreditation requires the fulfilment of many rigorous criteria, whether they be related to access controls, the surveillance systems in use…

Truck Etape Béziers is also very proud to have TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) certification, which is internationally recognised and guarantees the road transport security of your high value goods.

Rigour and control

Trucks and drivers are rigorously checked, ensuring that you can transport high value goods without fear of theft or damage to your vehicles and products. Access controls are carried out using photos of the front and back of axles, as well as the sides, front and rear of the truck.

This surveillance is also in operation in the pedestrian access entrance, which requires drivers to show their HGV park entrance ticket in order to access and move around the park.

Additionally, the HGV park is entirely fenced and benefits from 20 lux lighting across all traffic lanes, a deterrent to acts of vandalism and violence.

Standards to comply with

The European standard established through ESPORG certification ensures that HGV drivers can benefit from guaranteed, high-quality rest.

The requirements in terms of security and services are checked by independent accredited auditing bodies with a view to ensuring that drivers benefit from reliability and credibility.

The points that are checked include the following in particular: male and female toilets and showers that are available, fully operational and regularly cleaned, snacks and drinks available 24/7, possibility of connecting to the internet and an electricity supply, transport of dangerous goods accepted in specific, dedicated spaces, on-site laundry, protection against the sun and rain, leisure activities, picnic tables, snack bar, on-site filling station, etc.

We strive to fulfil these requirements every day in order to offer you the highest possible levels of security in road transport facilities.


Establishment placed under video surveillance by FAL DISTRI for the security of people and goods.

The images are kept for one month and can be viewed, in case of an incident, by the personnel authorised by FAL DISTRI and by the police.

In order to exercise your rights to data protection, in particular your right of access to the images that concern you, or for any information on this system, you can contact our data protection officer by writing to or to the following address: FAL DISTRI, 8 rue Henri Becquerel 11200 Lézignan-Corbières.

To know more about the management of personal data and your rights, consult our internal rules on this website in the chapter “Data protection policy”.

You can lodge a complaint with the CNIL at


Almost 50 cameras are installed across the site and are permanently relayed to our control centre.

Combined with the permanent presence of a human, this security system is one of the most effective in Europe.